– a strategy for modern facilities

Build your company’s value consciously by properly handling environmental responsibility. With Rhino, being sustainable is easy.

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Your benefits


Easy, automated reporting of achievements to various stakeholders

  • Detection and tracking of key environmental parameters

  • Adjustment of facilities for the purpose of green building certification

  • Easy, automated reporting of achievements to various stakeholders

Tools at
your disposal

  • Dashboard Allows everyone in the company, regardless of their position, to access information on the consumption of sustainable utilities.

  • Reports Track key parameters in a single platform that enables you to generate easy-to-understand charts and reports. Automatically generated sustainability reports will help you identify areas with the greatest optimisation potential.

  • Consumption analysis By analysing consumption you can forecast and plan sustainability projects. Compare buildings and see which ones require your attention. To achieve this, use indicators which will allow you to adjust your facilities to the certification requirements.

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