How Rhino Works

Every flick of a switch, every single moment of every single day, your
building utilizes energy that costs money. But every flick of a switch
and every moment also creates a wealth of data that you can leverage,
using sensor technology and data visualization, to make your building
more efficient. The complex becomes simple. Your biggest costs
become your biggest cost reduction.


Real-time data flows
from sensors to you
application. Monitor
every utility
all the time.

Cloud Solution

Application costs
are kept down with
no need for on-
premises hardware.
Huge data power.


RhinoScada generates
complete media consumption
reports with clever
benchmarking and clear
data visualization.

Easy action

Reduce media consumption
costs. RhinoScada clearly
shows how you can optimize
facility management
and maintenance.

Act & Save!

Turn building management into building optimization:

Easy installation, seamless integration,
remote configuration and rapid ROI.
Use our data to empower your business.

Get under the skin of your building and gain incredible insights

Sensor technology and smart metering is no longer out of reach.
RhinoSCADA is a solution you can afford.
In fact, it is a solution you can’t affrod to be without.

Collect information about different utilities

Comply with regulations

Reduce operational costs

Remote control

Improve sustainbility reports


Our Clients

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