Take your utility management to the next level! Sustainable management for tenants

Take your utility management to the next level! Sustainable management for tenants

In a dynamic real estate landscape, improving the quality of tenant experiences becomes a key challenge, and Rhino, by offering an advanced tool for monitoring and managing utility consumption, becomes an invaluable ally for real estate organizations.

Take your utility management to the next level! Sustainable management for tenants

In a dynamic real estate landscape, the focus on elevating the tenant experience has never been more critical. Today, real estate organizations face the challenge of not only providing comfortable and functional spaces but also meeting the growing expectations of tenants.

In this endeavor, Rhino proves to be an invaluable ally, offering an advanced tool designed to transform the way you monitor and manage your utility consumption.
Take advantage of utility visualization and reporting tools and generate savings with accurate, data-driven information.

Discover the benefits for the tenant

✓ Transparent utility billing
Detailed data allows the property manager to settle utilities and facilitate management, among others transparently. Ordered power and energy purchases, which translates into lower fees for tenants.

✓ All data in one place
Data on the consumption of all utilities is available by clicking on the website platform. Tools for analyzing current data and historical consumption allow you to analyze trends and quickly detect changes that may affect the amount of your monthly bills.

✓ Optimizations based on current data
Data from meters are collected every 15 minutes. This allows you to precisely determine at what point in time how much energy, water or gas is used and analyze savings opportunities.

✓ Fault notifications
Possibility to set alarms for each user. Thanks to this, in the case of, among others, leakage, exceeding the set power, or heating operation when the facility is not in operation, designated persons will receive immediate notification via SMS and e-mail.

✓ Easy system expansion
Option to expand the system by monitoring media consumption by individual processes or areas at a given tenant, e.g., loading trolleys, HVAC, lighting, boiler rooms, production lines, measuring air temperature and humidity.

✓ Access to monthly consumption data
Consumption data is sent as automatic reports on the first day of the month to the email addresses provided in the configuration. Users can also configure their own report with counters, e.g., those needed for ESG reporting.

✓ API integration

If your organization uses an ESG reporting platform, check its integration possibilities with the API offered by Rhino so that all ESG data is sent automatically.

See what tools are at your disposal

✓ Monthly reports
The system automatically sends ready-made reports to you

✓ Analyzes and comparisons
Monitoring and analyzing data increases the energy efficiency of buildings

✓ SMS and email notifications
Alarms when anomalies are detected enable immediate response and minimize the risk of losses

✓ Data export
The universality of the platform allows for quick settlement and export of data to ESG platforms and settlement systems.

Cooperation with Rhino guarantees savings and sustainable property management. Our solutions not only meet but exceed tenants' expectations, providing tools for effective management of utility consumption. This not only reduces operating costs but also fits into the global trends of responsible management of natural resources. Rhino is a key partner for companies striving for sustainable development, shaping an ecological and efficient future.