Rhino P1 RS232

The Rhino P1 RS 232 is a voltage converter specifically designed to interface with the P1 UART port and convert it to RS 232. It is exclusively intended for use in conjunction with P1 Smart meters and can be connected to either an Rhino AP or Rhino ED RS 232 interface. Power can be supplied through eitherthe RJ12 P1 Port or an external 5-12 VDC power source.

Device overview

  1. Power socket
  2. P1 Port RJ12
  3. RS232 Port
Rhino P1 RS232

Technical parameters

Rhino communication RS232
Power supply P1 port or 5-12 VDC (0.1A) – power supply not included
Supported communication protocol IEC62056-21
Operating temperature range -40˚C – 85˚C (depending upon installed environment)
IP Class IP40 (not suitable for outdoor use)
Dimensions 18 mm x 90 mm x 53mm (1 DIN module)
Weight ~0.05 kg
LED indications Power (Red Permanent) – Power OK
RX (Yellow Permanent) – Data received
Additional equipment 1 x RJ12 with 2m flat cable length
Required cable types Power supply thickness – 0.205-3.31 MM² – 24-12AWG
Signals thickness – 0.129-1.31 MM² – 26-16AWG

Connection diagram example

Data Sheet download
Rhino P1 RS232 Schema