Rhino AP-ETH

IoT gateway. Reads data f rom metering devices and sensors. Equipped with multiple communication interfaces supporting most popular protocols. Includes two RF channels for wireless communication with Rhino hardware. Data transfer to the Rhino Cloud Platform via Ethernet.Powered by external 5-24VDC power supply.

Device overview

  1. Power socket
  2. Ethernet socket
  3. SMA ISM 1 antenna connector
  4. SMA ISM 2 antenna connector
  5. Configuration status LED
  6. Internet connection status LED
  7. RS232N connection
  8. RS232 and RS485 connections
  9. Radio communication LEDs
  10. Radio communication LEDs
  11. Power status LED
Rhino AP-ETH

Technical parameters


Communication type Ethernet (DHCP / Static IP)
Rhino communication Frequency range: 433MHz
ISM channel 1 – Rhino ED DI / ED DI-D / Sensors
ISM channel 2 – Rhino ED RS485 / RS232
Maximum of 50 end devices on each radio channel
Input voltage 5-24VDC ( > 10W)
Internal battery 2700 mAh (emergency power supply)
Internal memory uSD card (min. 8 GB)
Logging measurement data Yes
Interface protocols RS232 – DLMS, IEC62065
RS485 – DLMS, IEC62065, Modbus RTU, GazModem I, GazModem II
Ethernet – DLMS, IEC62025, BACnet, Modbus TCP/IP, Custom network protocols
Optional interfaces – M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus OMS
Configuration Over the Air (OTA)
Firmware update Over the Air (OTA)
Operating temperature 0˚C – 85˚C (depending upon installed environment)
IP Class IP40 (not suitable for outdoor use)
Dimensions 87.5 mm x 90.0 mm x 65.0 mm (5 DIN modules)
Weight ~0.2kg
Additional equipment 1 x ISM antenna with 3m cable and magnetic base

Connection diagram example

Data Sheet download
Rhino AP-ETH Schema