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Rhino for Prologis


The client’s aim is to measure, compare and analyse utility consumption and automate the tenant billing process. Prologis’ objective is to run their business whilst focusing on cost reduction. By doing so, they aim to maximise the potential of the logistics infrastructure and achieve greater energy efficiency.


The telemetry system which we used to meter all utilities on site makes it possible to remotely monitor and effectively manage the consumption of those utilities. Once installed, Rhino allows automatic entry of meter readings, comparing the consumption of utilities with consumption in the same periods of previous years. This makes it possible to eliminate erroneous meter readings and significantly speeds up the tenant billing process. In the event of a malfunction, the system will automatically send alerts. A dedicated app enables online collection, sharing and archiving of data from measuring devices. Analysis of the provided data according to selected criteria allows the detection of anomalies as well as optimisation. It shows consumption forecasts and trends in the form of clear reports and charts. It is worth mentioning that, in response to our client’s needs, we continue to create new modules. In addition, we provide Prologis with ongoing maintenance services. We also support users of the Rhino Platform application.


Improved financial performance and the ability to identify long-term trends, making it possible to invest in the development of optimised management of the consumption of electricity and other utilities. This further enables the use of data for analytical purposes. Depending on the tenant’s needs, we install meters measuring more detailed data, which provides the tenant with more thorough data on consumption, which further improves the company’s energy management.

Benefits to the client

  • Monitoring of the energy situation in different locations within the facility, comparing consumption and central management of these facilities improves energy efficiency and lowers the operating costs of individual facilities.
    Focusing on optimising energy consumption with Rhino makes it possible to development a long-term savings strategy and agile cost management.

  • Determining energy consumption and monitoring its quality, as well as detecting malfunctions and power outages, directly contributes to the optimal use of buildings
    The analysis of the available data enables the achievement of the assumed financial goals.

  • Online access enables ongoing monitoring of metering data and insight into historical consumption.

  • Effective management of the company’s energy management by tenants.

What our client said?


Rhino provides remote reading of utility consumption. This allows us to measure, compare and analyse utility consumption data and automate the process of billing tenants and consequently run our business with better focus on cost savings. This enables us to make better use of the logistics infrastructure potential and achieve greater energy efficiency, which translates into improved financial performance and allows us to recognise long-term trends, enabling us to invest in the development of optimised management of the consumption of energy and other utilities.

Marta Glinka Prologis, Head of Property Management Poland

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