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smart metering / energy management / ESG

Take your utility consumption and sustainability
to the next level

Rhino provides industry leaders with all the data they need to effectively manage energy, reduce CO2 emissions and draw up ESG reports.


ESG-ready data

We help you prepare the ‘E’ area of the ESG report by monitoring energy consumption and providing 24/7 access to analysable and visualisable data.


Optimisation of CO2 emission costs

We help you measure and manage CO2 emissions by reducing them and improving sustainability.


Automatic data collection

Data from various locations, multiple buildings, parameters and all kinds of devices is gathered in one place.


Dashboards, analyses, reports and comparisons

The Rhino Platform will inform you where and how utilities are consumed.


Continuous expert support

We provide specialist assistance from the moment of implementation, including ongoing support and expert advice from a dedicated Energy Manager.

We maximise your savings

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Why Rhino?


One app, multiple management options

Our experts support you at every stage of your work with the system, help you make savings and adapt your buildings to environmental changes.


All ready-to-use data available 24/7

Our automated cloud-based system makes managing large amounts of diverse data easy and accessible from anywhere, 24/7.


Our own hardware and sofware

You can integrate Rhino’s software and hardware with most commercially available meters and increase your savings for years to come.

GLP Maple Tree Sky Tower Prologis

They trusted us

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    Rhino provides remote reading of utility consumption. This allows us to measure, compare and analyse utility consumption data and automate the process of billing tenants and consequently run our business with a better focus on cost saving. This enables us to make better use of the logistics infrastructure potential and achieve greater energy efficiency, which translates into improved financial performance and allows us to recognise long-term trends, enabling us to invest in the development of optimised management of the consumption of energy and other utilities.

    Marta Glinka Prologis, Head of Property Management Poland

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    Providing our clients with buildings of the highest standard has an effect on the efficiency of both the energy they use and the business they run.
    Smart metering gives them the opportunity to make long-term savings and effectively achieve their sustainability and environmental goals.

    Maciej Olszyński Property Manager, GLP


One platform, endless solutions.

Rhino access control solution integrates with lead providers across every business sectors through a wide range of access control API integration partners.


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