Rhino and iqbi hit 20 Million Monthly Data Points

Rhino and iqbi hit 20 Million Monthly Data Points

Rhino and iqbi hit 20 Million Monthly Data Points

Amsterdam, June 6, 2024 – Rhino, a global leader in utility data management, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its partnership with iqbi, a premier ESG data consultant serving the European market. Together, they have successfully hit the milestone of processing 20.000.000 data points per month on the Rhino Platform.

This achievement underscores the robustness and scalability of Rhino’s platform, which combines real-time utility monitoring with iqbi’s comprehensive ESG data services to provide all stakeholders in the real estate market with automated ESG data. With 15-minute data granularity, they ensure that clients receive accurate and actionable insights to enhance their operational efficiency and sustainability efforts.

“We are incredibly proud of reaching this milestone with iqbi. Our collaboration has empowered businesses across Europe to achieve their sustainability goals and maintain regulatory compliance,” said Rishi Lodhia, Chairman of the Board at Rhino.

Klaas Nijssen, CEO of iqbi, added, “The ease of use and scalability of Rhino’s technology has allowed us to quickly serve and roll out to more buildings, providing our clients with reliable and efficient automated ESG data management.”

Key Benefits and Applications of the Data:

  • Compliance Reporting: Facilitate the creation of detailed ESG reports and adherence to sustainability regulations, ensuring clients like Greystar, Patrizia, Xior, Holland2Stay, and Invesco meet their environmental goals.
  • Sustainability Goals: Support businesses in tracking and achieving their sustainability objectives through automated data monitoring and reporting.
  • Maintenance and Facility Management: Provide critical alarms and notifications for leak detection, peak consumption monitoring, and other maintenance needs, ensuring optimal operational performance.
  • Integration with ESG portfolio platforms: Enhance data analysis and sustainability reporting through seamless integration with - for instance - Deepki’s platform, offering clients a unified solution for ESG portfolio reporting.
  • Cost Reduction: Optimise energy usage and reduce utility costs through precise monitoring and analysis, leading to significant savings.

From June 11 to 13, iqbi and Rhino will be present at Provada, the Netherlands’ biggest real estate trade show, and are available for a chat. To book a meeting with them, send an email or 

About Iqbi:

iqbi is a full-service ESG data consultant that helps real estate companies automate data collection and achieve sustainability goals. We collect, visualise, analyse, and monitor ESG data directly from all types of meters. The unique combination of hardware, software, and consultancy, focused on achieving an optimal ESG score, ensures that sustainability, ESG reporting, and billing become simple and transparent; our clients are fully relieved of these tasks.

About Rhino

Rhino is a leader in real-time utility data solutions (energy, gas, water), to cut costs, decarbonise the built environment, and draw up ESG reports for commercial real estate, focusing on logistics, retail, offices, and residential.

Rhino provides an end-to-end solution for all utilities, including sub-metering (gas, water, electricity) while being hardware- and platform-agnostic.