Utility consumption management from A to Z

By combining hardware and software, we help companies to remotely handle their utility consumption and share data securely in order to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint.

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rhino ecosystem

Rhino products

Rhino AP – IoT Gateway

A feature for maintaining remote communication between the Rhino app and the meters, sensors and control modules, as well as computers, BMS and EMS controllers installed in the facilities.

Remote configuration and addition of new meters
Out-of-the-box integration with over 200 of the most popular meters and sensors
Secure data transmission

Rhino ED

This is Rhino’s extension module and recorder for communicating with meters distributed throughout the building. It ensures the highest quality readings while requiring little installation work.

Built-in memory in case of network downtime
Recording utility consumption via pulse or frequency input
Continuous pulse counting and input status monitoring

Rhino Sensor

Radio sensor for measuring temperature, humidity and air quality, as well as PM1, PM2.5, PM10, CO2
and VOCt particle concentrations.

Remote configuration
Wireless communication

System diagram

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