Improve your
warehouse efficiency

Optimise utility consumption and increase the value of the building and the comfort of its occupants.

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For the Administrator

  • Remote automatic management of utility consumption in the buildings

  • Automatic generation and delivery of reports and statements

  • Data and tools to help you obtain the green building certification

For the Tenant

  • Transparent utility billing

  • Ready consumption reports and data for the environmental section of ESG reports

  • One-click access to analyses and comparisons

For the Technician

  • Immediate malfunction alerts

  • Automatic meter readings

Tools at
your disposal

  • Monthly reports The system will send automatically prepared reports to tenants every month.

  • Automated building control Effortless building control leaves no room for human error.

  • Exceedance alerts The anomaly detection feature allows you to react immediately and eliminate risk.

  • Data sets for power selection Select the contracted capacity, purchase tariff and optimise energy costs.

  • Analyses and benchmarks Monitor and analyse current and historical data in order to increase the energy efficiency of your buildings.

  • Data export to ERP and accounting systems The flexibility of the Rhino Platform will help you quickly allocate and export data to the systems used in your company.

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