Optimize the effectiveness of
supermarket chains

Effective management of utility consumption in a distributed network of buildings with diverse requirements has never been so easy!

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Solutions for warehouses

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Control the performance efficiency of individual facilities, while caring for the environment.

For the Energy Manager

  • Data from all the buildings compiled and analysed in one app

  • Identification of energy ‘leakage’ points and malfunctioning equipment

  • Monitoring the effects of implemented optimisations

  • Remote control over the devices in the buildings

For the Administrator

  • Analysis of costs and equipment performance

  • Control over utility consumption

  • Malfunction notifications

Tools at
your disposal

  • Comparisons of consumption between buildings Clear data from all points gathered in one place will help you carry out analyses and make decisions.

  • Remote control of a group of facilities By remotely changing the parameters and scheduling the operation of your equipment, you have active control over the consumption of utilities within your buildings.

  • Automatic reporting You can download reports and share them with your team.

  • KPI monitoring configuration You obtain 24/7 control over the operation of your equipment and can verify planned savings.

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