San Francisco-based Prologis has been a world leader in real estate and supply chain logistics for over thirty years.
Their buildings are characterized by comfort of use, energy efficiency and environment sustainability-all aided by the use
of the latest technology. Prologis is focused on continually improving these facets, to make ever-better buildings.

Prologis needs to measure, compare and analyze media consumption and to automate the billing process for tenants. For this, they need a solution that is cost-effective, cloud-based, and can measure a range of different parameters and visualize the results in a format that they can put into positive action.



The cooperation began in 2012 with an expanded rollout in 2017. Rhino systems were fitted in 77 Prologis buildings across 18 locations in Poland, with almost 1600 meters measuring water, energy, gas, and heat every 15 minutes.

The Rhino telemetry system allows remote monitoring of the media consumption and effective management, for Prologis buildings from a few hundred to a few thousand square meters of floor space. This data can then be used to view current usage and compare consumption to time frames in previous months or years.

The ability to view one year against another allows Prologis to adjust media usage to cut costs; however, it is also an essential tool for eliminating erroneous meter readings and identifying possible faults. It means Prologis can reduce risk and cut costs at the same time. These features also significantly help speed up the process of settling tenants. And, in the case of a failure, the system gives them an automatic warning of the issue.

An important aspect of the solution is the instant access to data offered by on-line storage and archiving of data from measuring devices. Cloud-based storage allows Prologis to keep application running costs at a minimum while still having round-the-clock access.

The solution was also complemented by installation from Rhino engineers and ongoing post-implementation service support provided to RhinoSCADA users.


  • Clever benchmarking and central management of gathered data in the Rhino system allow Prologis facilities to improve energy efficiency and cut running costs of facilities. The Rhino solution becomes an integral part of long-term business budgets as the company can more accurately forecast finances
  • Detection of breakdowns and power blackouts allows for quick fixes and optimal exploitation of buildings
  • Workloads are cut and relationships with tenants are improved as automatic meter-reading and billing makes for an easy and error-free process



The optimization of media management has made for more comfortable and sustainable building usage, as well as allowing the company to invest in further improving resources for an even more profitable future. Prologis has been so impressed by the initial solution on the Polish market that they plan to implement a further 800 sensors in 34 buildings in the coming year, as well as bringing Rhino into their world-wide operations.

Rhino provides automatic reading of media consumption, making it possible to measure, compare, and analyze media consumption and automate the process of settling tenants. It allows us to focus on cost savings by better exploiting our logistic infrastructure and achieving greater energy efficiency. We can define long-term trends, enabling investment in the development and optimization of electricity and other media management.

Marta Glinka
Prologis, Head of Property Management Poland