We use software designed for the specific needs it serves. We tailor our software by looking at the end results you need to achieve and then engineering
our code to fit the bill.


RhinoSCADA is a web-based solution for innovative energy savings. Sensor-based
hardware measures as few or as many of your utilities as you choose, with a basic
or extended range of parameters. Choose what you want to view and gain instant insight with data visualizations that are simple to view and understand.

Look into your building and its energy consumption and move from building management to building optimization. Make massive cost savings while focusing on areas like user comfort, environmental responsibility, and air quality.


Take a look at some of the modules that make up the enhanced feature-set
of the Rhino solution.


Browse profiles for utility consumption,
current parameters of the electrical
network, and the current consumption of
utilities. Get the big picture to see
how your utilities are performing and
identify trends which will help you
start calibrating for cost savings.

Heating Profile

Compare the intensity of energy consumption
to outdoor temperature by aggregating
annual data. Knowing how your building can
and should perform in different conditions
allows you to calibrate your utilities to
take daily changes like the weather and
your peak operating hours into account.


You invest in a Rhino solution to save
money today and in the long term.
The savings module gives you a clear
overview of the cost reduction in your
media usage over a given period and lets
you forecast the coming months to help
you make better business budgets.


Generate notifications compliant with
the configured levels of overruns.
Notifications on overruns are sent via
e-mail, so you never miss a critical
incident and keep your building
running safe and sound.


Get a closer view. Measure the utility
consumption in individual objects and
check that each part of your system is
working as it should. Make sure each
device is performing well and identify
possible failures and improper activity.


Data visualizations can help you find
out how people are using your building.
Where are your hotspots? How is behavior
changing? And how can you adapt your
utilities to fit these trends? It's easy
with simple visualizations that
tell you the whole story.


Analyze utility consumption and
parameters. At any time you can select
the specific reportyou want an export it
to the settlement system.

Custom modules

Rhino is different to other solutions.
The system has been designed
to be flexible and can accommodate
custom modules created specifically
to your needs. Speak to us about
adding the function that you believe
will bring massive savings
to your business.