Zig Real Estate and Rhino Announce Integration for Enhanced Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Real Estate Management

Zig Real Estate and Rhino Announce Integration for Enhanced Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Real Estate Management

Zig Real Estate and Rhino Announce Integration for Enhanced Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Real Estate Management

Amsterdam, May 31, 2024 - Zig Real Estate, a leading provider of digital services for real estate organisations, together with iqbi and Rhino, a leading provider of real-time utility data and energy management solutions, announced a strategic integration between their platforms. This collaboration aims to revolutionise the real estate industry by increasing Energy efficiency and promoting sustainability for property owners and tenants.

Zig Real Estate's platform streamlines customer processes and improves tenant experiences by centralising rental matters, leasing, omnichannel customer contact, integrations, and data. The platform focuses on putting real estate managers and tenants at the centre of their solution, delivering a personalised and user-friendly experience.

Rhino specialises in providing hardware and software solutions to monitor, manage, and centralise utility consumption data, such as energy, gas, and water. Their end-to-end solution supports commercial real estate, including logistics, retail, offices, and residential sectors. Rhino's data aggregation services enable accurate reporting and informed decision-making for investors, asset managers, and tenants, ensuring compliance with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

Launching-customer Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors has rolled out this integration for apartment complex Het Dok in Amsterdam, enhancing tenant engagement and sustainability efforts. Claire ten Hag, Tenant Engagement Advisor at Bouwinvest, says: “Being able to narrowcast utility consumption to the app our tenants are already using while engaging them with gamification elements, helps us in our sustainability journey and reduces our carbon footprint.” 

"We are excited to integrate Rhino's utility consumption data into our platform, enabling real estate organisations to offer a comprehensive and seamless experience for tenants and property managers," said Ron Seesing, Director of Commercial Real Estate at Zig Real Estate. "Tenants can now monitor their consumption while being challenged on their footprint with gamification features right in the application they already trust."

Rishi Lodhia, Chairman of the Board of Rhino added, "Our partnership with Zig Real Estate marks a significant milestone in our mission to decarbonize real estate accelerating energy efficiency for buildings. Our companies' combined expertise will shape the sector's future, setting new standards for customer experience and environmental performance."

As the demand for digital services and sustainable practices in real estate grows, this partnership is expected to significantly contribute to increased customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, and better ESG reporting for investors and asset managers.

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About Zig Real Estate

About Zig Real Estate

We provide innovative software solutions that efficiently connect tenants with property managers, improve job performance and enhance tenants' living experience.

We pursue a key goal: to connect more with your customers, to increase customer satisfaction in an efficient and effective way. We do this by helping real estate organisations automate and optimise customer processes.

About Rhino

Rhino is a leader in real-time utility data solutions (energy, gas, water), to cut costs, decarbonise the built environment, and draw up ESG reports for commercial real estate, focusing on logistics, retail, offices, and residential.

Rhino provides an end-to-end solution for all utilities, including sub-metering (gas, water, electricity) while being hardware- and platform-agnostic.