More than perhaps any other industry, food retailers have to maintain a range of temperatures, across huge spaces, and balance food safety standards against customer comfort. It seems an impossible task and an expensive one. With Rhino it is a piece of cake.


Better shopping malls :


  • Maintaining an optimum in-store temperature has a positive influence on customer purchase decisions and drives up profits
  • Maintaining the correct temperature is essential to protect the quality and safety of your products. Protect the health of your customers and the reputation of your business
  • The costs related to temperature regulation in supermarkets are immense. That means Rhino offers an immense opportunity for saving money—which can then be invested into expanding the chain
  • Real time monitoring allows comparison of the energy consumed by similar fridges from different manufacturers
Fridge temperature
Retail environment temperature

Collect information about different utilities

Comply with regulations

Reduce operational costs

Remote control

Improve sustainbility reports