Tenant billing
– transparent
data on utility consumption

Quick and transparent billing is what sets best administrators apart.

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Rhino stworzyć przestrzeń dopasowaną do potrzeb najemców i zapewnia łatwość zarządzania dla facility managerów.

  • Up to 95% faster billing preparation time

  • Automatic downloading of readings

  • A universal solution that allows billing based on any criteria of your choice

Tools at
your disposal

  • Billing application If you are a manager of warehouse space or a shopping centre, this is an ideal tool for you. Now you can bill the tenants according to selected criteria, such as leased area, consumption, share of common parts, changes in leased areas and much more.
    The application is based on automatically downloaded meter readings from the Rhino database and source invoices, which are easily entered into the system by the building manager.

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