Reduce energy consumption
and improve sustainability

The Rhino Platform gives you the opportunity to reduce energy consumption and expand your business in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Do you want to measure how much energy is used for lighting, HVAC, or for individual machines or zones without rebuilding electrical switchboards? With Rhino you can do it using our modular energy metering system!

  • Saving time and optimising consumption

  • Access to useful data on all consumption parameters

  • Automatically generated reports

  • Easy configuration

Tools at
your disposal

  • Consumption The module provides analysis of historical data in the form of easy-to-read graphs. This allows you to quickly verify how a given utility is being consumed.

  • Instantaneous consumption Allows consumption tracking, comparison and anomaly detection. This module will also allow you to choose contracted power and analyse the ratio of active to reactive energy.

  • Consumption map Keep track of parameters in the form of a heat map which can be generated and shared automatically without any restrictions on the number of users or locations.

  • Alerts Allow you to detect irregularities in the use of utilities and machinery in buildings and act promptly.

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