and reporting

– save time with ready-to-use reports

Ready-to-use reports and analytical tools will automate and speed up your work. In addition, trend monitoring will speed up progress in achieving the optimum consumption.

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Monitoring and reporting

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Skorzystaj z najszybszego, najbardziej niezawodnego i skalowalnego rozwiązania na rynku, które rozwiąże twoje problemy związane z zarządzaniem energią i innymi mediami.

  • Knowledge of the actual consumption of all utilities and climate parameters

  • Immediate anomaly detection

  • All data available in one system

  • Reporting to any billing system

  • Data security through encrypted communication

  • Integration with most meters available on the market

  • Easy installation

Tools at
your disposal

  • Dashboard Comprehensive monitoring that gives you immediate insight into your utility consumption and identifies faults and disruptions to minimise downtime. Additionally, modular energy metering allows you to accurately determine the share of consumption between particular circuits and even single devices.

  • Reports Helping to improve energy efficiency.

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