Wielton is one of the three largest manufacturers of trailers, semi-trailers and car bodies in Europe— with product sales in 35 countries. Founded in Poland in 1996 now employs 2,000 people across the group.

Wielton keeps growing from strength to strength and its expansion requires new solutions that can improve operational budgets at scale. The company wants to optimize production processes and use the most effective technology to monitor energy and natural gas consumption.



The installation of a smart metering devices system in 2015, with further systematic development, helps to effectively supervise the natural gas consumption in production processes and heating as well as the consumption of electricity in the devices installed at the factory.

Rhino devices monitor the total gas consumption in 8 production halls, with a total floor space of 26,000 m2. Monitoring gas consumption every 15 minutes allows Wielton to get an overview of their consumption of 15m3 during the production of semi-trailers and trailers and minimize downtime of machines and promote optimal usage.

With such high gas consumption, it is essential that Wielton keeps within the set limits and does not incur penalties for exceeding regulatory boundaries for ordered power. To help assess and control usage Rhino implemented a dedicated application that allows for online collecting, sharing and archiving of the data from metering devices. In addition, Rhino provides Wielton with constant technical support.


  • Wielton now has its disparate and exhaustive data in a single application, meaning it is easy to view and control
  • This data allows the company to make electricity savings and use machinery more efficiently
  • Flexible and efficient operations are now in compliance with environmental standards, saving money for the company and creating a sustainable business



Wielton is now able to assess data using selected criteria and achieve its goals—with operational costs on a clearly-defined lowest possible level. Additionally, calibrating electricity management depending on the time of the day increases operational effectiveness. Rhino SCADA also helps Wielton to ensure that conditions in the production environment are ideal and provides remote problem-solving in the rare case that parameters are breached.


"The main objective of the remote reading implementation was the need for ongoing monitoring of the electricity and natural gas consumption. We now have constant access to current utilities consumption data and we are able to develop a long-term saving strategy and manage the costs effectively.”

Tomasz Swedrak
Wielton, Technical Director