Steinbacher is an Austro-Polish company renowned for its innovative building insulation materials. The company has won numerous awards and distinctions since its foundation over two decades ago and continues to be a world leader. Today it is continuing its mission is to provide our customers with cost-effective electricity management through the use of thermal systems.

As a world leader in energy-saving technologies, Steinbacher looks to take advantage of every possible opportunity to increase energy efficiency and cut costs. The company is committed to maintaining the most appropriate proportion of active to passive energy. Steinbacher chose Rhino to help them achieve this aim—proving that Rhino is the energy solution that energy experts use.



Steinbacher implemented a Rhino electricity monitoring solution in 2015 in order to effectively measure consumption and accomplish its business goal of getting the correct balance of active and reactive energy in their 7000 m2 manufacturing site. Data collection through the Rhino system allowed Steinbacher to instantly analyze power usage and adjust the power it acquired from the electricity provider to gain large cash savings.

The success of the electricity monitoring solution prompted the company to expand its Rhino solution to smart water and gas metering in 2016. All meters take readings every 15 minutes and give Steinbacher a panoramic view of how utilities are consumed throughout the plant and production processes.


  • Optimized production processes and cost reductions based on data analyses
  • Constant monitoring of electricity usage protects against penalties for exceeded limits
  • Empowers company in negotiations with electricity suppliers
  • Allows better business decisions based on the analysis of precise data



Rhino solutions mean Steinbacher knows they are getting the absolute maximum from their utilities. The company values this area of their operations so much that they plan to extend their cooperation with Rhino by connecting their machines to a new remote monitoring system that will provide real-time information on quantities of produced components. That will take Steinbacher even further in its quest for optimized energy solutions.

The implementation of Rhino is not only about technology; it provides access to information that helps in planning consecutive business moves. Thanks to this, we have achieved our goal. We have reduced energy consumption and production costs, as well as finding new opportunities to increase energy efficiency.

Lukasz Zielinski
Steinbacher, Chief Mechanic and Engineer