Opened in 2012, NoVa Park shopping center in Gorzow Wielkopolski, is the largest and most modern shopping centre in the Lubuskie voivodeship. It has a total area of 80,000 m2 and almost half is rented to 140 retail outlets. It is a modern, interactive shopping center that uses technology to help customers get the most from their visit.

The managers of NoVa Park wanted to reduce the operational cost of the facility. They found that Rhino solutions allowed them to provide more efficient billing to leaseholders and optimize heating, ventilation or air conditioning control—all of which give the end customers more comfortable shopping experience.



NoVa Park implemented a Rhino solution in 2016. 140 water meters throughout the shopping center send information every 15 minutes and help the building management and tenants make the best use of their utilities.

Manually reading meters led to errors and unnecessary costs. By implementing the Rhino system, wireless communication devices made building administration easier and offered flexible expansion whenever necessary. It also offered a faster, error-free billing process for leaseholders.

Secured, encrypted data from the devices is gathered in a dedicated cloud application that can be accessed using any mobile device. What’s more, the Rhino team provides continued support, technical assistance, and expert advice to keep the system running smoothly.


  • Convenient and fast billing through process automation
  • Leaks and losses quickly diagnosed by constant monitoring
  • Automated meter reading cuts time and costs for building management
  • Faster and more accurate billing for leaseholders
  • Customers enjoy a more comfortable shopping experience in a carefully monitored environment



Utilities consumption is monitored and compared in 120 shops. The billing process is accurate and faster and improves the building management of the center. The Rhino system is a set of almost invisible devices that make a measurable difference for management, tenants and visitors to the center.


“Rhino is an open solution—ready to work alongside other programs—which allows us to monitor, measure and control our utilities consumption.”

Maciej Tatala
Director of NoVa Park Shopping Center